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How to get past sleep frustrations: N=1 experiment

Trouble with sleeping? No problem, all you have to do is just simply...... ..... are you waiting with baited breath...

Are you falling for these 3 IBS myths?

Every month I like to post my favorite book on the current topic. But here's the thing. I don't have...

Do you know why I’m thankful for IBS?

Let me set the scene: it was my early twenties - maybe 22 or 23. I was living in Chicago,...

Ditch the Chemicals: Household Cleaning with Essential Oils

Are you ready to ditch the toxic chemicals for your household cleaning? While it's true that there are some chemicals...

Essential Oils 101 – Free Class at Three Wells

Have you ever received a bottle of an essential oil and wondered, "Smells nice, but what do I DO with...

AromaDoodle Class at Three Wells

AromaDoodle Class at Three Wells Stress? What stress? No one has any stress, right? Right?!! Vacations are all well &...

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