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Emotional Well-Being with Essential Oils – Free Class at Three Wells

  Our emotional health greatly affects our physical health and overall wellness. Join us for Emotional Well-Being with Essential Oils.  This...

Do you knead your knees when they need it?

Do you need your knees? You betcha. How about... do you knead your knees? I bet some of you need...

Essential Oils 101 – Free Class at Three Wells (two dates)

Have you ever received a bottle of an essential oil and wondered, "Smells nice, but what do I DO with...

I had no idea this awesome anxiety book was out there

Well, if you don't know by now, I'll tell you... I read. A lot. Been a bookworm ever since I...

The Power of Your 5 Senses When You’re Anxious

Do you know that your 5 senses are a very powerful tool when you’re feeling anxious? Have you ever had...

DIY Essential Oil Open House – 2/17/17

Spring is coming - I promise it is! And along with it comes thoughts of spring cleaning and freshening up...

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