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Acupuncture for Menopause

Although it might feel like it when you are beet red and dripping with sweat in the middle of a...

Five Paths to Progress

Everybody is different.  Progress in health shows up in different and sometimes unpredictable ways.  This applies to acupuncture as well. ...

If you can count to 10, you can meditate

Patients frequently mention to me that they want to start meditating but don’t know how to start or don’t have...

Are you snoozing?

braynk        bryank        braynk Snooze... Braynk        Braynk        Braynk Snooze… BRAYNK  BRAYNK   BRAYNK Snooze... BRAYNK-BRAYNK-BRAYNK-BRAYNK-BRAYNK-BRAYNK-BRAYNK-BRAYNK-BRAYNK How often does the alarm rouse you...

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