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I want to thank you for five wonderful years!

Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic has had five wonderful years thanks to all of you!  August will be the 5th anniversary...

Sunscreens: Are you attracted to the label?

I am attracted to product labels.  I admit it.  Marketers are brilliant - they know how to lure us in...

Why compare your insides to someone else’s outsides?

Do you catch yourself comparing your insides to someone else's outsides? "Oh my gosh, every time I see her, she...

If it’s normal, it must be healthy, right?

"Sure, I have some acid reflux, but doesn't everybody?" "I wake up several times every night, but that's normal, right?"...

4-7-8 Meditation

Here's another meditation practice for you.  This is the "4-7-8" technique. Sit comfortably Inhale through your nose to a count...

Top 10 Definitions of Real Food

Whole foods.  Real foods.  Nature-made. You see these words everywhere on commercials, in grocery stores, on blog posts.  What do...

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