Warm and soothing congee. What’s congee, you say?

Congee is a type of porridge that is very nourishing to the body and can be prepared in countless ways.  I particularly love it as a warm breakfast in winter, for soothing an upset stomach, or when recovering from an illness.  The most common grain to use is rice, but almost any grain—millet, barley, oats—or…

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Why is the brain like a toddler about sugar?

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way: I don’t have the magic once-and-for-all, no-work-required fix for sugar cravings. We all know the hundreds or maybe thousands of bad things that sugar does to our body. We all know lots of reasons why we have cravings: lack of sleep, hunger, self-soothing, habit, dehydration,…

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