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Here is one easy way to lift others

Let’s talk money. We hear a lot of discussion in this country about “The 1%” regarding distribution of wealth. (Now please know that I am not going into a political discussion here. I have a rule that no one is allowed to discuss politics in my clinic because it is such a huge trigger for…

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Can a book help you quit for good?

Can a book help you quit for good? When it comes to quitting nicotine, whether cigarettes, or chewing, or vaping, or patches, etc – my motto is to try anything and everything to be successful. And try as many attempts as it takes. Naturally, being an acupuncturist, I’m going to recommend acupuncture! But first, I…

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Do you suffer from self-inflicted expectations?

Holiday expectations. House cleaning. Decorating. Making the perfect meal. Sending cards on time. Shopping for the right presents. Hosting family. Oh my goodness, this time of year is filled with expectations. This past week, I had at least four conversations with patients about their stress over holiday preparations. But during the conversations, what came up…

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What do wispy cobwebs have to do with your health?

(Negative Self-Talk Part 1) This month’s topic is a little departure from the typical symptoms and conditions that I normally highlight each month. I want to talk about negative self-talk – you know, that critical voice in your head. We all have it. And some (most?) of us listen to it far too often. It’s…

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Why is the brain like a toddler about sugar?

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way: I don’t have the magic once-and-for-all, no-work-required fix for sugar cravings. We all know the hundreds or maybe thousands of bad things that sugar does to our body. We all know lots of reasons why we have cravings: lack of sleep, hunger, self-soothing, habit, dehydration,…

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Five Paths to Progress

Everybody is different.  Progress in health shows up in different and sometimes unpredictable ways.  This applies to acupuncture as well.  What makes it unpredictable is that while we have the same body parts and the same basic physiology, we all have different influences on our health – different lifestyle habits, different food choices, different childhoods,…

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