5 things I love about this cold & flu book

Colds and flus are not just a winter thing – in fact there’s really no such thing as a cold & flu season. Then why does it seem like there is? We are actually surrounded by germs all the time, but it’s when our immune system is run down that the viruses are allowed to…

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Sunscreens: Are you attracted to the label?

I am attracted to product labels.  I admit it.  Marketers are brilliant – they know how to lure us in with catchy colors and keywords like “natural” and “healthy”.  They know that most people only look at the front of a bottle and never bother with the ingredients listed on the back. I recently came…

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If it’s normal, it must be healthy, right?

“Sure, I have some acid reflux, but doesn’t everybody?” “I wake up several times every night, but that’s normal, right?” “I’m tired every afternoon, but that’s normal for me.  It’s no big deal.” “I have bad cramps every month, but my mom and sister do too, so it’s just my genes.” I hear variations of…

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