Jaw tension? Try this.

Acupressure for Jaw

Acupressure for Jaw Tension Any of these symptoms sound familiar?  Tense jaw, grinding teeth at night, clenching under stress, popping noise when you open your mouth, a catch in the jaw if you open too wide, tension headaches, discomfort with chewy food. There are various diagnoses to describe your jaw tension.  And if you have…

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Are you sick of being handcuffed to nicotine?

Are you sick of being handcuffed to nicotine? Believe it or not, there is never a bad time to kick nicotine out of your life. I’ve successfully worked with people who quit during a relatively peaceful phase in their life, and with people who were going through some of their most stressed times. It all…

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Do you suffer from self-inflicted expectations?

Holiday expectations. House cleaning. Decorating. Making the perfect meal. Sending cards on time. Shopping for the right presents. Hosting family. Oh my goodness, this time of year is filled with expectations. This past week, I had at least four conversations with patients about their stress over holiday preparations. But during the conversations, what came up…

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What do wispy cobwebs have to do with your health?

(Negative Self-Talk Part 1) This month’s topic is a little departure from the typical symptoms and conditions that I normally highlight each month. I want to talk about negative self-talk – you know, that critical voice in your head. We all have it. And some (most?) of us listen to it far too often. It’s…

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How to get past sleep frustrations: N=1 experiment

Trouble with sleeping? No problem, all you have to do is just simply…… ….. are you waiting with baited breath for THE answer? ……. ….. still waiting? ……. Ahhh, I don’t want to disappoint you, but I don’t have the one and only perfect answer. There are lots of people and companies on the internet…

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Are you falling for these 3 IBS myths?

Every month I like to post my favorite book on the current topic. But here’s the thing. I don’t have THE one and only best book for you for IBS. There are so many to choose from, it’s overwhelming. Instead, I would like to give you some myths to think about based on what I…

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Do you know why I’m thankful for IBS?

Let me set the scene: it was my early twenties – maybe 22 or 23. I was living in Chicago, working at my first full-time professional job. The job seemed wonderful – program coordinator for cross-cultural training programs. Ah yes, this was the type of job that made up for all of the “stay-in-school” jobs…

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Nose giving you trouble? 5 tips to clear your sinuses.

  Ahhhhh spring!  Warmer weather (except when we get snow or icy windy rain in Illinois), getting outdoors breathing in all that fresh air (or rather, pollen), smelling the pretty flowers (a.k.a. sneeze-bushes as my husband calls them).   Are you walking around giving the evil eye to your friends and family who are symptom-free…

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