Detox Program

Detoxification Programs

I really believe that it's the little things day in and day out that benefit our health or bring it down.

Just like we can't live a super hectic, overwhelming, stressful daily life, and then expect one 10-day vacation to be a magic cure-all for the rest of the year, we can't eat junk foods and poor nutrition every day and expect one 10-day detox program to fix all our symptoms.

But sometimes it helps to get a little boost along the way and that's where a detoxification program comes in handy.

If you are in need of a reboot or a jump start and you are looking to make long-term improvements, not just a quick fix, then I would be happy to work with you through a detox. I have three programs to choose from:

Standard Process
21 Day Purification


Standard Process
10-Day or 28-Day Detox Balance Program


Cleanse and Restore Kit


New patients: If you are a new patient to the clinic and only want to discuss your detox program (without any acupuncture), then book an Herbal Consult New Patient appointment. If you want to do acupuncture along with your detox program, then choose Acupuncture New Patient on the scheduling page.

Follow-up patients: we can discuss your detox at your next scheduled appointment.

*Supplements are an additional charge

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