Ditch the Chemicals: Household Cleaning with Essential Oils

Are you ready to ditch the toxic chemicals for your household cleaning?

While it’s true that there are some chemicals in our environment that you don’t have personal control over, you do have control over the cleaning items that you yourself purchase and bring into your home.

A lot of these fall under what I call “my cup runneth over” effect – you might not have any reaction to a few sprays today, and a few sprays tomorrow, and a floor cleaner the next day – but little by little your body starts accumulating those toxins until it gets overloaded.

Why not explore switching out some or all of your cleaning products with safer alternatives?

We are going to talk about the what, why, and how of cleaning with essential oils and I’ll show you some easy ways to swap out your products.

When: Wednesday, June 21 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Where: Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic, 105 E Main St, Suite 304, Morris

The class is completely free, and please let us know you’re coming and if you’re bringing a friend.  RSVP by calling 815-942-2580 or send us an email from the Contact page.

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