Essential Oils

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What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are "nature's chemicals" that serve various purposes for the plant they come from - helping to protect the plant and heal it from damage.  They are made from pressing or steaming flower petals, roots, tree resin, fruit rinds, and other plant parts depending on the oil.  These oils have benefits for our bodies as well.  It's not just about a pretty smell.  You are probably already familiar with two of the more popular essential oils - lavender and tea tree (also known as melaleuca) which are both widely used in all sorts of health and wellness products.

How do I use an oil?

If you are like me, the first time a friend gave me a bottle of essential oil, I replied with "Mmm, smells nice.  But now what do I do with it?!" and it sat in my bathroom cabinet for months.  There are three main ways people will use essential oils.

  • Diffusing:  a diffuser will disperse the essential oil into the air either using a light water mist or a mini fan.  Our sense of smell can be really powerful.  Of all the senses, smell is the only sense that has a direct nerve connection to the emotional center of our brain (the limbic system).  Have you ever had the experience where you smelled a certain scent and it brought out a really strong emotional memory for you?  For example, the smell of roses always makes me remember my grandmother fondly.  This is because of this amazing nerve connection to the brain.
  • Topical:  Some essential oils can be used directly on the skin.  Some of the stronger ones should be combined with a carrier oil or lotion like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or a fragrance-free natural lotion.  For example, I often like to place a drop of a calming oil on the bottoms of my feet at bedtime to help me fall into a restful sleep.
  • Internally:  Some essential oils have been approved for internal use, however I urge extreme caution.  If it does not have approval from the FDA with "Supplement Facts" directly on the bottle itself, never never ingest it.  The oil has to be pure and even then, it is very potent - a little goes a long way.  For example, it takes about 25 lemon peels to extract 1 bottle of lemon oil.  Oils are highly concentrated.
There are so many oils, I don't know where to start

Start simple! For example, get a diffuser and then 1 or 2 oils that you like - pick 1 energizing oil like Wild Orange or Peppermint for daytime, and 1 relaxing oil like Lavender or Cedarwood for nighttime. If you are excited to start off with more of a variety, doTERRA has a number of different starter kits to choose from.

Already know what you need?

Want to learn more?

Why doTERRA essential oils?

I spent months researching essential oil companies before I decided to use doTERRA oils. The essential oil industry is not very well regulated right now. There are many fakes out there. For example, what's in the bottle might not actually match what's on the label. Or the wrong plant might have been used for extraction. Or the producer might have used synthetic chemical fragrance with just a drop of true essential oil and falsely advertised it as pure.

I chose doTERRA because not only do they carry pure essential oils, they use third-party testing to ensure the quality and purity. Also, they have chosen to self-regulate using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Quality testing. If the batch of oil does not meet the therapeutic level of compounds, the company will not sell that batch. Many other companies don't hold themselves to this kind of standard when profits are at stake.

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How can I purchase an essential oil?

If you want to pay retail price, you can purchase an oil in the clinic if we have it on hand. Also, you can click on the Shop link on to place an online order.

Most people prefer to order at the wholesale discount price. It works kind of like Sam's or Costco - sign up for a year membership and receive 25% of all purchases for the year. There is no monthly requirement (unless you want to earn bonus points for free product) so you can purchase as much or as little as you like and still receive the discount. If you would like a wholesale membership, call or email us and we'll walk you through the sign up. It's very easy and only takes a few minutes.

Where can I get a diffuser?

We carry a couple of diffuser types for sale in the clinic, and the essential oil companies also offer diffusers. is a good source as well - they carry a wide variety of designs and price points. While I am insistent on top quality oils, it is absolutely fine to go with an inexpensive diffuser.

What if I don't like "smelly things"?

Some people are very sensitive to smells. Surprisingly, many people discover that what they are sensitive to is actually synthetic chemicals and synthetic fragrances sold under a similar name, but they do very well with pure essential oils. I hope it goes without saying that if you have a true allergy to a plant that you will take care of yourself and avoid it.

Where can I learn more about essential oils?
  • Explore for more ideas
  • Check our events for upcoming classes and workshops
  • Read "Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils" - this can be purchased in the clinic or at various sites online like or
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