Quick Relaxation

Acupuncture Treatment

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Got stress?

The Quick Relaxation treatment is better than a nap!

This is a set auricular (ear) acupuncture protocol with a 15 to 20 minute rest.  This does not include a review of your health history and it's not tailored to your current symptoms.  This treatment is great for people...

  • who need a relaxing treatment to help unwind during a stressful time, or
  • who know they need a more extensive treatment but simply don't have the time right now, or
  • who want to experience acupuncture for the first time before deciding if they want to sign up for a full evaluation and treatment.

Ready to book your appointment?

New patients are welcome to choose a Quick Relaxation treatment first.  If you later decide you want a treatment tailored to your symptoms, a New Patient Visit (either acupuncture or herbal) will still be required at that point to be able to go over your full health history and evaluation.  The treatment type cannot be switched on the same day of service.

If you are a current patient who has already done a full New Patient Visit (either acupuncture or herbal), you can choose to schedule a Quick Relaxation treatment at any time instead of a Follow-Up Visit.  The treatment type cannot be switched on the same day of service.

Quick Relaxation Treatment

$55 30 Minutes

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