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Free Acupuncture Q&A Consultation

I offer a free 15 minute Q&A consultation where you can come in (or we can talk over the phone) and ask your questions about acupuncture before deciding on scheduling a treatment.  I guarantee no pressure in our conversation.  I do think it is a wonderful treatment option with low risk and almost no side effects, otherwise I wouldn’t have dedicated my livelihood to it, but I also know that it may not be the right treatment choice for everyone.  I can give you my best opinion on whether or not I think it will help your situation.

Common Concerns

The three main areas of typical concerns are understanding how it works, expectations of “one-treatment miracles” for chronic conditions, and very understandably, the fear of needles.

How It Works

Acupuncture is not woo-woo magic hocus-pocus.  It is based on the physiology of the body, stimulating the two main messaging pathways in our body – the nervous system and blood circulation – to bring the body back into homeostasis (the body’s way of keeping everything stable, balanced, and running smoothly).


Is this right for you?

Get a free 15 minute Q&A consultation to find out!


Many people hear about almost unbelievable acupuncture stories – one treatment and my ten-year back pain was gone!  Two treatments and I never wanted to smoke again despite my thirty-pack year history!  These can and do happen, but they are by far the exception and not the norm.  We live in an “instant” culture and people want the same in their healthcare.  Pain management and treatment of disease that promises lightning-fast results usually comes with many side effects and new problems.  If you want to truly find out what acupuncture can do for you, it is best to plan on 4 to 6 treatments to decide if it is an effective treatment method for you.  For chronic or more severe conditions, plan on 8-12 treatments.  Every treatment is both therapeutic and diagnostic, each treatment building on the previous.  It takes time to change the body.

Fear of Needles

Fear of needles is a very common phobia but my patients are very pleasantly surprised during their first treatment.  A common reaction to the first needle is "That's it? That's all it feels like? That was okay."  You briefly feel something that most people do not describe as pain. I compare it to a mosquito bite - quick pinch and over with right away. An acupuncture needle is about the width of a hair or a cat whisker.  It is flexible, smooth, and closed-ended.  It helps to ask others about their experience with it, most likely they were nervous before their first treatment too.  In the end though, you won’t know how it feels for you until you try it.  At every moment in the treatment, you are in charge.  If there is a point that you don’t like or you want me to remove the needle, I will do so immediately.  Your comfort is my priority

Check out the FAQ and Blog for more information.  If you still have questions about your particular situation, call to schedule your free 15 minute Q&A consultation.

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