Essential Oils


Why essential oils?

You are seeing, reading, and hearing about essential oils everywhere. So much so, that it seems like it's just the latest and greatest fad, right? Really what you're witnessing is the transition from essential oils being an important part of self-care for a small pocket of alternative healthcare seekers to them becoming more widely used among everyone.

I am a firm believer in using the best from all types of healthcare. Broke your arm? Go to the ER. Dealing with chronic back pain? See an acupuncturist (me!). Need home remedies to support your everyday wellness? Use essential oils.

Essential oils have been around for decades (well, really millennia if you do historical research) and they have become a very important tool that you can use at home to start getting and staying healthy.

Why doTERRA?


There are so many essential oil brands to choose from, especially now - it seems like there are new companies popping up left and right - it's crazy overwhelming! Even hardware stores are carrying essential oils - say what?!?

My priority is healthcare. Oils are great for pleasing aromas in your home, or swapping out in recipes, or using for household cleaning. But the single most important factor to me, is that these oils are going to be absorbed by our bodies in various ways - you breathe in aroma from a diffuser or absorb it through your skin, your largest organ.

Your body has to process the oils, use what it needs, and eliminate the rest, just like it does with food.

After spending months researching essential oil companies, doTERRA was my clear choice simply because of the extensiveness of their quality control testing. Most tested, most trusted.

Then, the icing on the cake for me was learning over the years about the heart of the company. I won't go into all of it here but I recommend you look at their Co-Impact Sourcing and Healing Hands initiatives. From the founders of the company all the way down, they demonstrate over and over their philosophy of "If it isn't good for everyone, it isn't good for anyone." I like that. A lot.

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        Essential Oils FAQ


        Oil Safety Tips


        Essential Oil Supplies

        Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about doTERRA's essential oils. If you have a question that is not covered below or in our blog, please feel free to send us an email from the Contact page with your question.

        Yes! doTERRA's CPTG essential oils and blends are safe when used as directed. Essential oils are highly concentrated (e.g. 1 drop of Peppermint oil is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea), so a little goes a long way. There are a few safety tips that will be helpful to know regarding photosensitivity, pregnancy, children & infants, and pets. Check out my safety tips here, and pick up a reliable resource to keep on hand such as the Modern Essentials book.

        Some people are very sensitive to smells. Surprisingly, many people discover that what they are sensitive to is actually synthetic chemicals and synthetic fragrances sold under a similar name, but they do very well with pure essential oils.

        Oils do have an expiration date and most are good for several years. doTERRA puts an expiration date on each bottle so you will always be able to check it. Oils will stay fresh longer if you store them in a cool, dark place and minimize how long you leave the cap off the bottle.

        doTERRA offers a guarantee - if you don't like your oils, you can return them within 30 days and receive 100% back in product credit or 90% put back on your card.

        Financial health is important just like physical health so only you know your real budget. Keep in mind that very often, you’re simply trading your spending dollars. What you might spend at the store for over-the-counter healthcare products, body care items, or bottles of household cleaners, you actually end up saving money when essential oils become your first go-to when you need support.

        Yikes! Caution, caution, caution! doTERRA oils are only authorized to be sold through Wellness Advocates so just about anyone selling on Amazon or eBay is doing so against doTERRA policy. Maybe the oil is okay, but maybe it's not - new caps can be purchased and put on a product to make it look new and unopened. It's too risky.

        Not at all! A lot of people mistakenly assume you'll be required to order each and every month. Nope. That option is available to those who want to get bonus points back in product credit, like a frequent flyer program. You get to choose what works best for you.

        Nope! Most people just love using the oils for themselves and their families, and love getting them at a 25% discount. When you sign up and place your first order, choose "Wholesale Customer."

        This is another perk of your membership - there is always an easy way to get your questions answered. Reach out to me by phone or email, or we can set up a one-on-one meeting to go over your questions. There are also a lot of free resources on doTERRA's website that I can point you to.

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        Are You Feeling Anxious?

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