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  • sleep


    Hi Laurie.  I just wanted to say thanks :). I had the best night sleep last night all thanks to you.  I woke up and just felt so good.  I started giggling lol. I appreciate all the help you have given me and so glad i found you!  ~M.

  • pregnant

    IVF Fertility Support

    I just wanted to give you some good news! We are pregnant!! We have an amazing starting beta number and we go back tomorrow to have our second beta. Yay!!!  Thank you SO much for playing a role in this pregnancy! Prior to IVF, I was terrified of needles. Now, I rely on them to relax me and aid in my health.  ~J.

  • thunder

    Joint pain, sleep, and allergies

    I'm so glad I met you 2 1/2 years ago. I was a mess! But because of you and your vast knowledge, I feel better than I have in years. I still have my days but I'm no spring chicken and without your help I can't imagine how I would feel.  Just wanted to say "thank you" for that!  ~W.

  • hands

    Pain, Cosmetic, Stress Relief

    At first I was a little skeptical - I'm being honest.  But after about 6 months, I really began to see results for myself. I also have had a lot "talks" with Laurie about issues that were happening in my life. She has helped me looked at my problems in a different way. It was truly a relief for me.  ~D.

  • thunder

    Brings me down to Earth

    It was so nice to meet you. I keep telling others about you. I did very well with the treatment. I would say I am at least 50% better. What a blessing that is, I have been praying to find some relief for all my pain and I think I might be on the right track with you. Thank you for all the info you gave me today. With all the things that have been going on in my life you bring me down to earth. ~R.

  • people

    Calm, relaxing manner

    I really benefit most from the calm, relaxing manner that Laurie has. She is always open minded and supportive in a kind, nonjudgmental way. The atmosphere is safe and comforting and I can relax easily there. Everybody I have referred has said the same...she has even won over my 16 year old. ~Chris

  • pregnant

    Anxiety, Infertility, Pregnancy

    I initially began acupuncture to help with anxiety while going through infertility treatments. Acupuncture helped me and my body relax, prepare, and recover from the infertility procedures. Once pregnant, acupuncture helped me with pregnancy related issues like morning sickness and swelling. While intimidated by the needles at first, I now look forward to my appointments as a time of relaxation. Laurie does a wonderful job listening to my concerns and explaining the treatments and suggests changes I can make in my daily routine to keep the benefits of acupuncture outside of the office. ~Sarah

  • people

    Fostering a sense of well-being

    I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who wants help with their afflictions, to improve their health. Acupuncture can be complementary to regular western medicine. I felt my series of sessions over time with Laurie served to stabilize heart function (was seeing a cardiologist) and to eliminate toe joint pain. It seemed to slow down decline in visual acuity. Additionally, I liked her needling technique. Being familiar with the principles of Chinese Medicine, I had the satisfaction of knowing acupuncture was nourishing organ systems and balancing yin and yang energies, for the sake of fostering a sense of well-being. ~Diane

  • thunder

    Knee pain and sciatica

    The first time I experienced an acupuncture treatment was for knee pain. I had been examined by Sports Medicine doctors on two occasions during a three-year period. I was told each time that nothing could be found wrong with my knee, however, the pain was great enough that I had a limp. I tried acupuncture and after four treatments my knee pain was completely gone and has been for the last five years. When I recently had lower back and severe sciatica nerve pain caused by inflammation in the spinal canal, I did not hesitate going to the Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic for treatments. Over four months of treatments, the pain gradually decreased and I am now free of pain and I am able to golf again. I now have reduced my treatments to 2 per month to help keep the inflammation down. The medical doctor who diagnosed my sciatica/back problem told me I did the right thing to try acupuncture first. Laurie at Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic is professional and I was grateful I followed her treatment plan because it worked for me. ~Chuck

  • hair-report

    Professional and caring

    Totally professional and caring treatment! Plus, it solved my problems. Was very sincere and genuine, made me feel very welcome. ~Jan

  • thunder

    Relief from chronic pain

    I highly recommend Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic and the professional treatment that Laurie Stone offers. During my treatment there, I was able to find relief from the chronic pain that I experience every day. Please consider this form of wellness aid and know you will be in experienced hands." ~J

  • social

    Treating the whole person

    Laurie takes time to find out what's going on in my life and treats the whole person in a very helpful way, not in an intrusive way. Sharing information and knowledge she thinks would be helpful is always appreciated. ~Terri

  • acupuncture (2)

    Acupuncture works

    When I first tried acupuncture, I was skeptical. Let’s just say I’ve been going for awhile and I haven’t looked back. It has helped things I didn’t even know it could help. I worked for a person that caused me great stress. I went into the acupuncture session in tears, an emotional mess, and I walked out like nothing even happened. It was truly amazing! One session I had a pain in my side most of the day. I mentioned it to Laurie and she put an extra needle in for the symptom. By the end of the session it vanished. Acupuncture works. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t waste my time. Try it, you won’t regret it. I didn’t! ~Kathy

  • thunder

    Pain relief

    I like the way Laurie takes time to evaluate how I'm feeling prior to each treatment and the relief from pain I get each time I go. ~Linda

  • thunder

    Back pain

    I was having difficulty getting up off a chair or couch because of back pain. I had immediate relief after that first treatment. After a month of weekly treatments, I still had the range of movement that was important for my everyday activities. The needles are just a minor twinge that dissipates almost immediately. My sleep, stress, and sinus are areas that also benefited from the treatments. ~Dana

  • woman

    Hot flashes

    I feel very relaxed at the appointments, get a great nap, and the best nights sleep after. I was worried about hot flashes and those have virtually disappeared. I've had a shoulder injury, and the acupuncture has relieved the pain of both putting on and taking off shirts. Acupuncture has made my life much better and I'm grateful I've been able to experience the benefits! ~Margaret

  • acupuncture


    I was elated to discover online that Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic exists right here in Morris, IL! Owner and acupuncturist Laurie Stone grew up in this area and she has studied Chinese medicine for five years. She is a skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable clinician, and is definitely an integral part of the healing process. Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia. Western medicine was unsuccessful in relieving pain, improving chronic fatigue, aiding sleep, and providing a general sense of well-being. Chinese medicine, however, provided true healing from the cellular level, not merely a cover-up of symptoms. In recent years, I have been unable to find highly trained acupuncturists available in this community. Then I discovered Laurie! She is amazing! I would recommend seeing her for all kinds of medical problems, from a minor sinus infection to much more serious illnesses. It is good to work in combination with western medicine but acupuncture and Chinese medicine can provide healing where drugs and other medical attempts to get well have failed. See Laurie! You will love her… AND you will love how you feel once your body has healed! ~Carol

  • team

    Great suggestions

    You have great suggestions for me, always helping with my medical symptoms. And acupuncture makes me feel really good. ~Erin

  • pain (1)


    After several doctor visits and various drug treatments, I found no relief from my symptoms related to a hormonal imbalance. I kept suffering from recurring migraines that would last days at a time. I made an appointment during a migraine episode and was hooked after my first visit! I found the whole process to be very soothing. Laurie was so thorough and compassionate; I swear I felt better just after talking with her! Acupuncture has completely helped restore my well-being. I no longer require regular treatments, but choose to go frequently because I truly believe it restores my mind, body, and soul. ~Michelle

  • people

    Relaxes me

    Getting treatment with acupuncture relaxes me on the table so much I fall asleep on the table. It is very enjoyable. ~Penny

  • thunder

    Knee pain

    A couple of years ago, I was told I needed a double knee replacement. I was only 48 years old. I thought I was too young for that. I had heard about acupuncture through a friend at work. I thought I would give it a try. My first visit to Laurie really didn’t do anything for me. I think I was too nervous. The second visit, I could really notice a difference. I’ve been having acupuncture for almost a year now, and I feel so much better. I’m not saying I’m pain free but it has really helped with my pain. I walk about an hour or so a day. I would have never been able to do that in the past. Not to mention how my well-being has improved. Acupuncture has given me such inner peace. Thank you, Laurie. ~Debbie

  • hands

    Stress and knee pain

    When I first learned about acupuncture, it was when my dog had arthritis in her back. She walked like she was in a lot of pain. After she had acupuncture treatments, she acted like a puppy again. When I was going through some stress, I tried acupuncture myself and got relief. I was petrified of needles at first but these were completely different from a typical needle – I barely felt them. Now I have arthritis in my knee and Laurie’s treatments help with the pain. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone as an alternative for the relief of pain. ~Bill

  • people

    Quiet and calm

    I really enjoy the quiet and calm atmosphere of the clinic and the professional manner in which the office is run. ~Sandy

  • acupuncture

    Eased my fears

    A HUGE and hearty "Thank you so much" to Laurie Stone and Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic. If you know me, you know I am a classic skeptic. I do not believe in any 'easy' ways or quick fixes. You may also know I have an EXTREME needle phobia. Laurie was quick to answer my questions, ease my fears and gave me no BS answers. I had a 5 minute session for knee pain at the Corn Fest Flea Market. 5 minutes, that's all. It has been 2 days and my knee pain is still far better than it was on Saturday. There was a little discomfort with the needles, but I wonder how much that has to do with being afraid of them and not the acupuncture. Laurie's rates are reasonable, she is located in old downtown Morris in the Baum Building and I most definitely will be getting more sessions. ~Bart

  • thunder

    Pain relief

    It was so peaceful. Almost at once I felt some relief and it continued to get better days after. There is no pain, no medicine that might cause a different problem. I would recommend it to all my family and friends and do. ~Ruthanne

  • people

    Chance to relax

    What I love about treatment is the chance to relax and let my body do the work of helping me feel better! ~Patricia

  • woman

    Hot flashes

    After suffering with hot flashes for years, I heard that adding acupuncture to my diet and lifestyle changes could help relieve my symptoms. I was really amazed when in about six weeks the hot flashes decreased and I felt a drastic improvement in my overall being. Even more surprised when it helped decrease the ringing in my ears - there are so many benefits to acupuncture. I feel calm, relaxed and energized after each treatment. Laurie at Three Wells Acupuncture Clinic has exceeded my expectations for an Acupuncturist. She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and relaxed that you usually don’t even feel the needles. She has a genuine caring for her patients and really wants you to feel better. She truly listens to your concerns and complaints. She spends time with you and answers your questions. You have improved the quality of my life. Thank you Laurie. ~Janet

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