Essential Oil Supplies


Supplies for Essential Oils

If you have learned about essential oils from me, you will know that when it comes to the oil itself I ONLY ever recommend using doTERRA oils purchased through my site for retail purchases or through your own wholesale membership account with doTERRA.

But when it comes to supplies and accessories, there are a lot of great sites for shopping around. A few of my favorites are doTERRA's DIY, and (*Note that I don't necessarily vouch for individual sellers on the links - check the product reviews and search for the best price.)


My all-time favorite:

Starter diffuser:

Car diffuser vent clip:

Waterless felt diffuser:


Smaller dropper bottles are handy if you want to divide up your bottle of oil to keep it in different rooms or to share with family and friends. Roller bottles are handy for making your own blends or combining with a carrier oil so it's ready to use topically.

Be sure to order darker color bottles like amber or dark blue. This will protect it from light and extend the life of the oil.

Sample size bottles with orifice reducer:

Sample size roller bottles:

5mL roller bottles:

10mL roller bottles:


So many resource books are available now, but these remain my all-time favorites.



Small Box:

Large Box:

Travel Case:

Roller Case:

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Are You Feeling Anxious?

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