Are you looking for any of these benefits?

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    Less Pain

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    Less Stress

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    Better Sleep

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    Better Digestion

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    Better Cycles

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    Less Congestion

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    Improved Mood

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    Improved Range of Motion

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    Sense of Well Being

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    More Energy

Acupuncture is based on the physiology of the body, stimulating the two main message pathways in our body – the nervous system and blood circulation – to bring the body back into balance called "homeostasis".  This is the body’s way of keeping everything stable and running smoothly.

Acupuncture has been shown through research to...

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    Improve Blood Flow

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    Reduce Stress

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    Relax Tight Muscles

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    Release Endorphins

    (Our Body's Natural Pain Killers)

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    Reduce Inflammation

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    Reduce Nausea

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    Reduce the Intensity and the Feeling of Pain

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    Stimulate the Body's Healing Mechanisms

    (Nervous, Immune, and Endocrine/Hormonal Systems)


In your first acupuncture session, we will talk about your current symptoms and health history, discuss a treatment plan, and then you will have an acupuncture treatment. Feel free to share any health concerns, not just the main issue you are seeking treatment for. Acupuncture benefits the whole person, not just a symptom. Then, at follow-up visits, we will do a brief check on progress changes and any new concerns so that I can tailor the treatment protocol.

A Natural Approach to Healthcare

Acupuncture Treatment

New Patient Visit

    Acupuncture Treatment

    Follow-Up Visit

      **If you have already had a New Patient Herbal Consultation or Hair Analysis you do not need to do a separate New Patient Acupuncture visit if switching to acupuncture.  The health history and evaluation covers the same information for both treatment types.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about acupuncture. If you have a question that is not covered below or in our blog, please feel free to send us an email from the Contact page with your question.

      Most people would say “no,” but you do feel something and everyone’s pain tolerance is different. For the most part, putting the needle in feels like no more than a tug of a hair on your arm or a mosquito bite without the itch. My patients are pleasantly surprised during their first treatment. A common reaction to the first needle is "That's it? That's all it feels like? That was okay." An acupuncture needle is about the width of a hair and after it is inserted, you may feel nothing, or you may feel a heaviness, a mild ache, or a comfortable tingling sensation. Once the needles are in, most people become very relaxed and some even fall asleep during this time.

      Yes. Acupuncture needles are thin, flexible, stainless steel. They are sterile and single-use only. After use, they are immediately discarded in a biohazard container. Occasionally, there may be a small bruise at the site, but this is rare.

      Yes. We are experienced in treating patients who are taking blood thinners. Be sure to let your acupuncturist know what medications, vitamins, and supplements you are taking.

      No! Do not stop any medications unless you have worked out a plan with your medical doctor. New patients sometimes want to skip taking their pain medication on the day of their first treatment in order to test if acupuncture works. Please do not do this. It will complicate treatment because your body may create withdrawal symptoms and unhealthy responses. Keep everything the same. You will still be able to tell when you are making progress and when it is time to talk to your doctor about cutting down or weaning off.

      We also offer acupressure (acupuncture without needles), herbal and whole food supplements, essential oils, hair mineral analysis, breathing exercises, and lifestyle suggestions. We can also instruct patients in the use of moxibustion at home when appropriate.

      Please see the appropriate section under Work With Me for current prices.

      Many people hear about almost unbelievable acupuncture stories – one treatment and my ten-year back pain was gone! Two treatments and I never wanted to smoke again despite my thirty-pack year history! These can and do happen, but they are by far the exception and not the norm. We live in an “instant” culture and people want the same in their healthcare. Pain management and treatment of disease that promises lightning-fast results usually comes with many side effects and new problems. If you want to truly find out what acupuncture can do for you, it is best to plan on 4 to 6 treatments to decide if it is an effective treatment method for you. For chronic or more severe conditions, plan on 8 to 12 treatments. Every treatment is both therapeutic and diagnostic, each treatment building on the previous. It takes time to change the body.

      The short answer is no and I mention it here because sometimes new patients are worried about this. The initial series for your particular condition (see previous question) is better and more quickly improved with a number of treatments up front close together. Then I find that patients tend to fall into three categories. Some are very content with what has been accomplished with their chief complaint and don't want to delve into further health concerns. They will usually then stop treatment until they need something again in the future. The second category would be patients with chronic conditions that are difficult to stabilize - they will benefit from maintenance treatments. When symptoms are feeling much better, we then test the waters and move treatments out further apart (e.g. two weeks, to three weeks, to four-to-six weeks) to make sure the benefits hold. These patients will usually continue for awhile with a monthly or quarterly tune-up. The third category includes patient who enjoy and want to include acupuncture in their regular self-care routine, just as they would schedule their massage, dental cleaning, or hair cut. There are no rules when it comes to acupuncture. It's all about how you want it to fit into your life.

      We accept cash, check, credit or debit cards (Mastercard, VISA, and Discover). We also accept gift certificates from Three Wells or the Grundy County Chamber of Commerce.

      Yes. We offer Three Wells gift certificates in any amount that are valid up to one year from date of purchase. You can stop by anytime during open hours to pick one up.

      Please make sure first that the person for whom you are buying the gift certificate is actually interested in acupuncture.  It is important that patients approach treatment willingly, not feeling forced into it.

      Yes. If you have insurance coverage for acupuncture performed by a licensed acupuncturist, please read the Insurance page for important information.

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