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Three people walking up stairs

You might see better function before you feel less pain

Let's talk about what progress means. First, I will wholeheartedly acknowledge it is perfectly normal to be hoping for immediate results from an acupuncture treatment and wishing to be instantly...
Acupuncture 1

Do you need to know how acupuncture works?

"How does acupuncture work?" This is a very common question I get at the clinic and not one that has a quick & easy answer. Many people tell me they...
MetaPWR supplement, fiber supplements, frother, and glass of water

My top 3 tips for MetaPWR

Tips for using MetaPWR MetaPWR is a metabolic support supplement program from doTERRA.  It's pretty easy compared to most out there. Three supplements, 1 each daily, and that's it. MetaPWR...
Full-spectrum light, table-top size

What’s a happy light and why would you want one?

Are you tired of the gray days already? The best would be to step outside and bask in the morning light first thing. But not everyone has time for that...

Do you know when it’s okay to comment on someone else’s weight?

When several patients in the same week bring up the same conversation, I know it’s a sign that it may be helpful to send this out to everyone. We just...

What can you do with Guaiacwood and Spanish Sage

What can you do with Guaiacwood and Spanish Sage essential oils? doTERRA recently released two new essential oils that are less commonly known, so we put together some diffuser blends...
EBW Bottle

What in the world is Evil Bone Water?

What in the world is Evil Bone Water? It is neither evil, nor bone, nor water. 😉 Evil Bone Water is a topical liniment made from a thousand-year-old Chinese herbal...
Notice your thoughts (1)

Ready for Part 2 of Our Noticing People Experiment?

Remember in Part I, I gave you an observation experiment to do. [ICYMI click here] How did it go? I'm going to give you another experiment that goes a step...

Are you willing to look at your thoughts about weight and health?

Here's something to think about first, then I'll give you an experiment to do at the end... If I told you I treated a patient today who has diabetes, are...

Is Three Wells right for you?

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Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to

Feel Better Now

Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to Feel Better Now

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