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Acupressure for Jaw

Frustrated with jaw tension? Here’s what you can do at home…

Any of these sound familiar?  Tense jaw, grinding teeth at night, clenching under stress, popping noise when you open your mouth, a catch in the jaw if you open too...
Woman in City

Are you frustrated and stuck in your old habits?

Frustrated. Stuck. Discouraged. Disappointed. Most everyone I know has something they want to change - get fit, lose weight, stick to a better budget... And most everyone knows how discouraging...
Smelling essential oil

Here’s what you need to know about helichrysum essential oil

I made a quick tutorial for you on how to use helichrysum essential oil. Helichrysum is a powerhouse skin oil, among other uses.  If you have a quick four minutes,...
doTERRA wholesale club

Do you know these myths about doTERRA’s wholesale club?

If you know me, or if you have spent any time in the clinic, you will know that I am a very big fan of doTERRA essential oils. One of...
Cooling Spray 1200x628

DIY Cooling Spray Mix-n-Match

In need of a cooling spray to carry around with you? This easy DIY recipe is for anytime you need to cool off: Keep it in your purse or at...
Acupuncture for the wrist

How do you know acupuncture is helping you?

One of the most common questions I get when working with new patients is "How will I know if acupuncture is helping me?"   Even though it has been around...
Zentangle Philosophies 1200x900

Want to know my favorite Zentangle (and life) philosophies?

One of the side benefits of following the covid-19 shelter-in-place orders was being able to finish a Zentangle project I started about a year ago and put down for awhile....
Essential Oils for Hands

Yarrow Pom for Dry Hands

My hands have been getting so dry lately - how about yours? I normally prefer using doTERRA's fragrance-free Hand & Body lotion, but I've been needing something stronger this month....
essential oil diffuser

I could’ve had a V8: diffusers vs air purifiers

  Do you remember the old V8 vegetable juice commercials? Where the person was walking around lopsided all day or had low energy and then smacked their forehead realizing that...

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Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to Feel Better Now

Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to

Feel Better Now

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