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What about you, do you have kids?

"What about you, do you have kids?" Some people ask. Some people don't. Many people wonder. Since this month we...

Here is one easy way to lift others

Let's talk money. We hear a lot of discussion in this country about "The 1%" regarding distribution of wealth. (Now...

Nostalgia….A look at the beginning of Three Wells

Happy Birthday, Three Wells! I’ve been enjoying celebrating my clinic’s 8th birthday this week. I always get a little nostalgic...

Zentangle – Not just a boring old doodle

What is Zentangle? The number one question I get when I explain Zentangle is "well, isn't that just doodling?" Yes. ...

Oil up your summer: June classes at Three Wells

Oil up your summer! Here's our upcoming class schedule for June.... Essential Oil Basics: Natural Solutions Have you ever received...

Did the Law of Attraction fizzle out for you?

Did the Law of Attraction fizzle out for you? I'm so curious if anyone else had a similar experience with...

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