Ready for Part 2 of Our Noticing People Experiment?

Notice your thoughts (1)

Remember in Part I, I gave you an observation experiment to do. [ICYMI click here] How did it go?

I’m going to give you another experiment that goes a step further.

People-Noticing Experiment, Part II

As before, whenever you are out in public, look at people. Really notice them.

Now, pay attention to what thoughts and reactions you have about that person.

Do you have a positive, neutral, or negative reaction?

If positive, can you be more specific as to why?

If neutral or indifferent, what makes it neutral?

If negative, what is the thought?

  • Do you think them too “something”? Too big, too small, too tall, too short, too pretty, too ugly, too loud, too quiet, too whatever.
  • Are you comparing and judging?
  • And if so, are you judging them, or are you judging yourself?

Hopefully you are catching on to the point of the activity.

We are taught and socialized to judge others (increases self-righteousness/moral superiority) and judge ourselves (increases insecurity/self-doubt) in relation to others and this is very problematic in regards to weight, among other differences.

You weren’t born with these thoughts – where do you think these thoughts are coming from?

Do these thoughts help you be kinder or meaner to yourself or others?

It’s okay if this experiment feels hard or uncomfortable. For some people, it may be very new to try and catch what you are thinking and reacting to.

It’s simply a practice in starting to become aware of your thoughts about weight and bodies, and how your thoughts may be affecting you.

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Are You Feeling Anxious?

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