Spikenard? What did you call me?!

Spikenard essential oil.  Am I the only one who finds this name funny-sounding? At first it made me think it sounded like an insult.  But now after recently watching some reruns of The Office, I can’t get Andy Bernard’s nickname “Nard Dog” out of my head.  Think of this as the oil that can calm…

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Acupressure Ear Seeds

acupressure ear seeds

What are ear seeds? Ear seeds are a form of acupressure using the seed from the vaccaria plant (used in Chinese herbal medicine) on a piece of medical adhesive tape. Most commonly it is used in ear acupuncture, called auriculotherapy. There are acupressure points on the ear that correspond to all parts of the body,…

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Jaw tension? Try this.

Acupressure for Jaw

Acupressure for Jaw Tension Any of these symptoms sound familiar?  Tense jaw, grinding teeth at night, clenching under stress, popping noise when you open your mouth, a catch in the jaw if you open too wide, tension headaches, discomfort with chewy food. There are various diagnoses to describe your jaw tension.  And if you have…

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Do you suffer from self-inflicted expectations?

Holiday expectations. House cleaning. Decorating. Making the perfect meal. Sending cards on time. Shopping for the right presents. Hosting family. Oh my goodness, this time of year is filled with expectations. This past week, I had at least four conversations with patients about their stress over holiday preparations. But during the conversations, what came up…

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What do wispy cobwebs have to do with your health?

(Negative Self-Talk Part 1) This month’s topic is a little departure from the typical symptoms and conditions that I normally highlight each month. I want to talk about negative self-talk – you know, that critical voice in your head. We all have it. And some (most?) of us listen to it far too often. It’s…

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Did you know not all anxiety is the same?

Anxiety. It can range from a little stressed out to a debilitating full-on panic. It can affect someone for a short time or for many years to even decades. Anxiety touches every age group and every community. It affects not only people suffering from it, but also their family, friends, and coworkers as it spills over…

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