Grief Roller Coaster

Are you experiencing the stages of grief? I sure am.

We tend to label many of our recent feelings during the covid-19 pandemic as worry, fear, stress, anxiety, and disappointment. But have you recognized the feelings of grief as well?...
Boy Smiling 1200x900

How about a dose of awesomeness to improve your day!

Here's a dose of awesomeness for you! A couple days ago I was listening to a podcast about "handling chaos" and she had such a great suggestion: Text five of...
WMIM 1200x800

How can the acronym WMIM, WYIY help you every day?

Do you ever take on other people's "stuff"? Their mood, their energy, their worries, their stressors? My clinic was created with the intention of providing a comfortable and safe space...
How You Feel 1200x800

How you feel about how you feel and why that matters

Let's talk about the difference between how you feel - and how you feel about how you feel. Huh? Confusing statement, right? I promise you'll see what I mean shortly....
Bergamot Spotlight

Do they have essential oils on the Starship Enterprise?

Do they have essential oils on the Starship Enterprise? I say yes. My first experience with Bergamot oil was from watching Star Trek: Next Generation. I am a big fan...
Spikenard Essential oil- Relaxing and Calming

Spikenard? What did you call me?!

Spikenard essential oil.  Am I the only one who finds this name funny-sounding? At first it made me think it sounded like an insult.  But now after recently watching some...
Words matter Icon

Words make a big difference: Don’t own your diagnosis

Words matter.  A lot more than you might think. If you've ever had a treatment with me, we've probably talked about the significance of words at one point or another....
Frankincense Essential Oil

3 Easy Things You Can Do with Frankincense Essential Oil

Spotlight on Frankincense Essential Oil Frankincense is known as the King of Oils.  A saying that you'll hear a lot is... "When in doubt, go with Frank." What does that...
Ziva Stress Less book

Stress less? Yes to Ziva Meditation! How about you?

Stress less?  This is my big Yes! to Ziva Meditation. I thought I knew meditation. I've done various forms over the last twenty years. I wouldn't say that I followed...
acupressure ear seeds

Acupressure Ear Seeds

What are ear seeds? Ear seeds are a form of acupressure using the seed from the vaccaria plant (used in Chinese herbal medicine) on a piece of medical adhesive tape....

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Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to

Feel Better Now

Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to Feel Better Now

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