How about a dose of awesomeness to improve your day!

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Here’s a dose of awesomeness for you!

A couple days ago I was listening to a podcast about “handling chaos” and she had such a great suggestion: Text five of your friends or family with “Tell me something awesome.” Well, I decided instead to send it out to my whole newsletter group I am SO glad I did.

For the past two days, I have been receiving emails back with different stories. I kid you not, every time one came in, I got the best warm fuzzy feel and hit of joy, even with all the chaos stirring around us.

So let me share them with you too…..

  • My husband’s boss’s five-year old daughter is having them say the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of their work & school day at home.
  • I made a list of projects that would be nice to get done at home and my daughter informed me that she and her brother picked out a project to work on today.
  • I have the best husband in the world. Stressful times at work and the first thing I get when I get home is a HUGE hug. He knows just what I need.
  • I persisted, and got a direct call from the director of healthcare services, and a solution for my most vulnerable clients. I’m so relieved!
  • Getting to have lunch every day with my husband. A new appreciation for cooking at home. Noticing how amazing technology is for keeping us connected. Getting this email from you! 🙂
  • We’re having a St. Patrick’s Day potluck today at the office after our monthly sales meeting! Woo Hoo!
  • I used to be a patient of yours and have been feeling great since then, thanks to you. I work part time and have been having mixed feelings about going in to the office tomorrow. After reading your last email, I made the decision this morning to stay home and the butterflies have left me too! Thank you so much for the inspiration. Also, I just found out that two hospital ships are being readied to be deployed. Their names are The Comfort and Mercy. Those two words bring joy to my heart!
  • We are all in this together. We should support each other and help each other for a bright future.
  • Watched my husband walk out to greet the waste management driver and offer him a bottle of water (from a safe distance, of course). He was very appreciative! Tough times bring out the best in people!
  • We had a potluck today and I probably ate too much, but everyone enjoyed it!
  • We have children “sheltering in place” in Boston, Minneapolis and Tokyo. Due to modern technology, we were able to Skype with all of them at the same time last night! What a joy to interact as a family even when the miles keep us separated.
  • I’m in Arizona and like back home, can’t find toilet paper or hand sanitizer. But I found chocolate ice cream! Take your pleasures where you can!!
  • I woke up this morning healthy and was able to share some food with neighbors. God is good!
  • My husband doesn’t have to travel all week. So we get to have family dinners together everyday. We have given away eggs from our chickens to families in our town that needed them.
  • We have enough toilet paper!
  • My son discovered Hey Google yesterday and the first question he asked was “Can I kiss you?” and it said “This is the best I can do… [kiss emoji] [smooch sound]”.
  • I’m doing Home Management Care for a 78-year-old gentleman. Last July I took him to the Vet where he adopted 2 kittens – we named them smokey and the bandit. Almost 3 weeks ago Smokey wandered out and didn’t come back. My client has been heartbroken, I was heartbroken, and I’m not a cat lover. I prayed every day for his return. Well, to my surprise, today when I walked in, there was Smokey, client says he came back during the night. Don’t know where he was, or who had him. We are both so happy for his safe return…Thank you, Lord….
  • While out shopping, people have been very nice to others and still smiling!!
  • My dog is so happy we’re at home!
  • We got to go to a wedding yesterday! Our pastor did a small intimate ceremony for the couple.
  • I am Facebook friends with a number of my ex-students. After one day of home schooling, one of the guys apologized for having been a student like his two sons. It was noon and one was in in school suspension for cutting class and then he was looking for a way to get the eight-year-old transferred to another class. He wanted to know if I ever drank during school hours.
  • I was able to get my 5-month-old grandson to sleep today! And we are making Troll cookies as soon as my granddaughter wakes up from her nap.
  • I took a walk in the rain today – it was calming – the rain was light and there wasn’t any wind – Best Experience!
  • I was able to organize my office and unpack boxes that have been sitting for a year. I made decisions to donate items or get rid of things that I have no use for anymore. I have a flow to the room and things are placed in an organized manner. I feel accomplished for today!
  • I got kissed last night.
  • I have seen this quote from Fred Rogers many times, but coming across it today made it seem all the more appropriate: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
  • Awesome people: I think the people in the grocery stores have been working so hard and the ones I have spoken with are upbeat and doing their best to keep stocking the shelves. They are awesome.
  • I have COOKED/PREPARED every single meal for nearly a week! I usually do maybe 2!
  • A friend who has two girls are having spirit week at their house. So, far they have shared their favorite book and dressed like one of the characters. And today they’re camping under the stars.
  • My hubby and I are both working from home and my son lives with us again. Since all of us stay in our respective rooms during the day we started a 3pm tea time ritual to connect during the day. It’s a nice way to get up, stretch and reconnect.
  • I scored a loaf of bread and a carton of eggs today!! It’s the little things.
  • It is awesome to wear sweatpants and lounge wear every day, all day.
  • Happy Spring ????, I’ve been connecting more with friends over phone or texting this week.????. Enjoy your “stay at home.”
  • My sister and I visited our mother in her health care facility in Indiana just two days before it was out on lockdown. The day before we left, we got FaceTime set up on her iPad and it has been such a blessing to all of us to be able to both see and hear each other!

Revisit this page over the coming weeks if you need a dose of the kindness and warm heart of people.

Much love to you all!

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