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How to keep your acupuncture progress going

Previously, I shared about the different factors that affect the number of acupuncture treatments you might need. [Click here if you missed it.] Are your symptoms acute or chronic? Are...
Acupuncturist placing an acupuncture needle in a patient's foot

How many acupuncture treatments do you need?

A common question I get asked at the first treatment is how many acupuncture treatments do you need? The vague, but very real answer, is I don't know. But once...
Acupuncture needles in a patient's arm

Three common patterns that sneak into perimenopause

We have covered the two main patterns seen in pre/peri/post-menopause - Kidney Yin Deficiency and Kidney Yang Deficiency. As you can imagine, since we are complex humans, we don't all...
Book Title: From Invisible to Invincible

From Invisible to Invincible: The Natural Menopause Revolution

Here's a great reference to help you through your menopause transition. I recently shared with you my interview by Jennifer Harrington, ND on her Menopause Natural Solutions podcast where we...
Menopause Made Easy

Menopause Made Easy Interview by Jennifer Harrington, ND

Guess what? I was interviewed by naturopath Jennifer Harrington, ND on her podcast Menopause Natural Solutions!  This was so much fun and it was cool to share about how acupuncture works...
Perimenopause patterns in TCM

Did you know cold flashes existed? This might surprise you.

Even if you're in perimenopause, don't put away your blankets yet. Let's look at another common TCM pattern in perimenopause... Kidney Yang Deficiency We've covered the basics of  Kidney Yin...
Perimenopause patterns in TCM

Here is the most common TCM pattern in perimenopause

Here is the most common TCM pattern in perimenopause. You might be surprised by the combination of symptoms. Remember, there is a distinct difference between a medical diagnosis and a...
Model showing acupuncture points

Do you know I look at your symptom patterns, rather than your diagnoses?

What is the difference between a diagnosis and a pattern? (Hint: This is how I tailor a treatment to you!) When you go to your medical appointment, your doctor will...
Emotions are like waves of the ocean

Reacting with anger? How to use the Forgive blend to ground yourself.

No emotions are bad emotions - we are all human and we all feel things. Emotions are meant to come up and wash over us like a wave and pass....
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Do you know what Turmeric can do for you?

Do you know what Turmeric can do for you? I bet you've been seeing turmeric supplements popping up all over the place for the past few years. Did you know...

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Are You Feeling Anxious?

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