Did you know cold flashes existed? This might surprise you.

Perimenopause patterns in TCM

Even if you’re in perimenopause, don’t put away your blankets yet.

Let’s look at another common TCM pattern in perimenopause…

Kidney Yang Deficiency

We’ve covered the basics of  Kidney Yin Deficiency in perimenopause with the biggest symptoms being related to heat – hot flashes, night sweats, flushed face, etc. (Click here to read more about it.)

This next pattern is its counterpart. It’s more about coldness than heat and yes, there is such a thing as cold flashes.


Remember, “Kidney” with a capital K refers to the whole energetic system relating not just to the anatomical kidneys but also the reproductive system, adrenals, constitution, marrow, brain, bones, hair, teeth, low back, and knees.


Yang is the counterpart to Yin and they work in opposition but always connected to each other, keeping each other in check.

Yin examples: cool, moist, lower, inner, night.

Yang examples: warm, dry, upper, outer, day.

So if you are lacking in Yang energy, you will tend to have symptoms relating to cold and damp, and lower in the body.

Common menopausal-related symptoms in Kidney Yang Deficiency

Hot flashes but cold hands and feet
Night sweats in the early morning hours
Cold flashes by themselves or chilliness after a hot flash
Irregular or no periodKidney Yang Deficiency in Perimenopause

Other possible (seemingly-unrelated) symptoms common in Kidney Yang Deficiency

Pale face
Pale tongue
Pulse feels thin & deep
Tendency for depression
Low back soreness
Frequent urination, pale in color
Ankle swelling

The list above is just a general reference – you may not have all of them or you may have different ones not listed.

How is it treated?

Just as with Kidney Yin Deficiency pattern, I will typically do a combination of acupuncture treatments, herbal or whole food supplements, and essential oils.

This time, though, the main goal is to nourish and warm the body.

Dress in layers that are easy to put on or take off, and keep something warm on hand in case of cold flashes. Drink warm beverages and eat warm, cooked foods.

Combination Kidney Yin and Yang Deficiency

Did you recognize yourself in both Yin and Yang Deficiency descriptions? Yes, you guessed it – you can present with both patterns.

At each treatment I choose points based on which pattern is most predominant that day and in the recent couple of weeks.

“But wait, there’s more…”

Because we are complex creatures, rarely does one person present only one pattern.

Next time, I’m going to share with you three other patterns that at first glance seem to complicate the picture. But really, it brings clarity to the treatment plan when we can identify other factors influencing your symptoms.

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