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Natural Deodorant. It can be done!

Wondering how my natural deodorant transition is going? If you missed my post on natural deodorants a few weeks ago (Click here to see it), I will recap briefly for you… Switching away from an aluminum-based antiperspirant to a natural deodorant was my final frontier of getting toxic products out of my house and off…

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Why is the brain like a toddler about sugar?

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way: I don’t have the magic once-and-for-all, no-work-required fix for sugar cravings. We all know the hundreds or maybe thousands of bad things that sugar does to our body. We all know lots of reasons why we have cravings: lack of sleep, hunger, self-soothing, habit, dehydration,…

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Sunscreens: Are you attracted to the label?

I am attracted to product labels.  I admit it.  Marketers are brilliant – they know how to lure us in with catchy colors and keywords like “natural” and “healthy”.  They know that most people only look at the front of a bottle and never bother with the ingredients listed on the back. I recently came…

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