NADA Protocol for Smoking and Other Addictions

acupuncture relaxing room and bed table

Addiction Recovery Support NADA stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. The NADA ear (auricular) acupuncture protocol is most commonly used for addiction recovery support, including smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, compulsive eating and other addictions. NADA can be a stand-alone treatment but it works best when combined with other supportive treatments such as counseling,…

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Acupressure Ear Seeds

acupressure ear seeds

What are ear seeds? Ear seeds are a form of acupressure using the seed from the vaccaria plant (used in Chinese herbal medicine) on a piece of medical adhesive tape. Most commonly it is used in ear acupuncture, called auriculotherapy. There are acupressure points on the ear that correspond to all parts of the body,…

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What about you, do you have kids?

“What about you, do you have kids?” Some people ask. Some people don’t. Many people wonder. Since this month we are focusing on the topic of fertility here in the clinic and on our social media posts, I thought it would be a good time to share my story with you in case it might…

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Nostalgia….A look at the beginning of Three Wells

Happy Birthday, Three Wells! I’ve been enjoying celebrating my clinic’s 8th birthday this week. I always get a little nostalgic thinking back to the beginning and so very grateful for the support of family, friends, and of course my patients over the years. If you’ve never heard the story, let me pull the curtain back…

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Jaw tension? Try this.

Acupressure for Jaw

Acupressure for Jaw Tension Any of these symptoms sound familiar?  Tense jaw, grinding teeth at night, clenching under stress, popping noise when you open your mouth, a catch in the jaw if you open too wide, tension headaches, discomfort with chewy food. There are various diagnoses to describe your jaw tension.  And if you have…

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Can a book help you quit for good?

Can a book help you quit for good? When it comes to quitting nicotine, whether cigarettes, or chewing, or vaping, or patches, etc – my motto is to try anything and everything to be successful. And try as many attempts as it takes. Naturally, being an acupuncturist, I’m going to recommend acupuncture! But first, I…

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Are you sick of being handcuffed to nicotine?

Are you sick of being handcuffed to nicotine? Believe it or not, there is never a bad time to kick nicotine out of your life. I’ve successfully worked with people who quit during a relatively peaceful phase in their life, and with people who were going through some of their most stressed times. It all…

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How to get past sleep frustrations: N=1 experiment

Trouble with sleeping? No problem, all you have to do is just simply…… ….. are you waiting with baited breath for THE answer? ……. ….. still waiting? ……. Ahhh, I don’t want to disappoint you, but I don’t have the one and only perfect answer. There are lots of people and companies on the internet…

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