Menopause Made Easy Interview by Jennifer Harrington, ND

Menopause Made Easy

Guess what? I was interviewed by naturopath Jennifer Harrington, ND on her podcast Menopause Natural Solutions

This was so much fun and it was cool to share about how acupuncture works and how it can help with menopause specifically.

Jennifer also specializes in treating menopause and it was great how compatible acupuncture and naturopathy are – with the whole goal of making the transition as smooth as possible. 

Click below to listen to the episode: Menopause Made Easy.

Timestamps for the episode’s topics:

2:00 How I got into acupuncture

4:50 What does Three Wells stand for? (you might be surprised)

6:30 How naturopathy and TCM are compatible

7:10 What is TCM?

7:50 How acupuncture works?

10:15 How acupuncture helps menopause

11:20 Patterns vs Diagnoses

12:00 Falling apart – Unknotting the ball of yarn

13:10 Pulse diagnosis

14:20 Tongue diagnosis

15:10 Does acupuncture hurt?

16:20 Jennifer’s experience with acupuncture

19:00 Root vs branch treatments

20:30 Options for treatments during menopause

22:00 Benefits of acupuncture and combining modalities

23:00 What is acupressure?

24:00 Menopause Made Easy video program

27:00 Little changes make a big difference

27:35 How many treatments are needed?

29:00 How to get faster improvements

32:25 Click here for a free gift for you!



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Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to Feel Better Now

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