The number one acupuncture point to protect at the change of seasons

The origin of one hundred diseases

Today I want to teach you about one particular acupuncture point that is incredibly helpful at the change of seasons.

I call it Du 14 but you’ll also see it referred to as Governing Vessel 14, GV14, or Dazhui (meaning “Great Vertebrae”).

Du 14 Location

Du 14 is located on the midline of the back of the neck just below the spinous process of the C7 vertebra.

For most people, it’s the most prominent bone that sticks out at the base of the neck when you lean your head forward.

Location of Acupuncture Point Du14
Point location image from Peter Deadman: A Manual of Acupuncture


There is a saying in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Wind is the origin of one hundred diseases.

The back of our neck and head are considered the most yang, the most outward and protective area of our bodies.

It is typically the first area exposed to the elements – sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, etc.

Picture walking in a blizzard. You have your coat, scarf, and hat on. Person walking in blizzardYou are hunched over, head down, protecting the core of your body. It’s the area of Du 14 that receives the brunt of the weather.

Okay, now I know you’re not wanting to think of snow, but the wind is active at all changes of seasons. The ups and downs of temperature; the dramatic weather changes from sunny to cloudy to chilly to hot (can be all in 1 day around here!).

All sorts of symptoms are in flux at these times of the year – allergies, aches, stiffness, tendency for colds, off digestion, etc.

How to protect this point

Short answer: Keep it warm and keep it covered.

Here are some ideas:

  • Wear a jacket or zippered sweatshirt with a collar up around the neck.
  • If it’s still too warm for a heavy scarf, wear a light decorative scarf when outside.
  • If working out and sweating, dry off and cover up as soon as possible after your workout.
  • Let the hot water of a shower run on the back of your neck another minute or two.
  • Make a roller using either the On Guard protective blend or DDR Prime cellular complex blend and roll it on this point morning and night until the weather stabilizes.
  • If you are not already coming in regularly for acupuncture, at the very least schedule a change-of-season tune-up treatment.

So every change of season, remember to protect your Du 14.

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