Three common patterns that sneak into perimenopause

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We have covered the two main patterns seen in pre/peri/post-menopause – Kidney Yin Deficiency and Kidney Yang Deficiency.

As you can imagine, since we are complex humans, we don’t all tend to fit in neat & tidy categories. Most people exhibit at least one more, if not two or three, patterns at the same time.

Interestingly, the two patterns above are considered deficiency patterns, but the following three are considered excess patterns so the treatment plan and point protocols change if any of these are present.

Also, remember what I said in the previous posts linked above about organ descriptions in TCM – if it has a capital letter, it means more than just the anatomical organ itself.

Liver Qi Stagnation

Think of this as “stuck energy.” The Liver energetics are in charge of keeping everything feeling free-flowing. Some symptoms might include:

Easily frustrated or upset
Extra muscle tension
If still cycling, PMS symptoms
Sides of chest achy
Tongue redder at the tip or sides
Pulse is wiry like a guitar string
Symptoms feeling worse when under stress
One-sided or top-of-the-head headaches

Acupuncture treatment

Excess Dampness from Spleen Qi Deficiency

Spleen energetics relate more to digestion, blood, and fluid metabolism in TCM. (Some translations from Chinese will refer to it as Spleen-Pancreas.) Common symptoms:

Digestive issues or a change in stool, often worse with cycles
Puffiness, for example, rings get tight on the fingers or sock marks at the ankles
Tendency to be a heavier weight
Toothmarks (called “scallops”) on tongue
Pulse feels slippery
Prone to mucus and phlegm – sinus drainage, phlegmy cough.

Blood Stasis

During perimenopause, the pattern of Blood Stasis can show up when you’re still cycling. It might include:

Sharp or stabbing painful periods
Clots in the flow
Heavy flow
Pulse feels choppy or rough
Tongue might be purplish
The sublingual veins under the tongue might be distended

Treatment for these patterns

Treatment will always vary based on which symptoms are more predominant on the day you come in.

I treat what is showing up.

If the excess symptoms are more, I will choose acupuncture points and techniques known to clear excess.

If the deficiency symptoms are more, I will choose points known to tonify and nourish the body.

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