From Invisible to Invincible: The Natural Menopause Revolution

Book Title: From Invisible to Invincible

Here’s a great reference to help you through your menopause transition.

I recently shared with you my interview by Jennifer Harrington, ND on her Menopause Natural Solutions podcast where we talked about how acupuncture works and specifically how it can help during menopause.

(In case you missed it, click here to listen.)

If you enjoyed hearing Jennifer’s perspective too, you’ll really like her book From Invisible to Invincible: The Natural Menopause Revolution.

I felt a connection with her when I read the very first line: “It’s not about your hormones.”

She goes on to say: “The fact is, every woman will stop menstruating at some point. The natural production of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone will reduce, but not all women will suffer during this transition. If lower hormones were the problem, all women would suffer equally.”

Yes! Here is a like-minded practitioner. This is the same idea I try to get across in my clinic too.

There is so much more involved in why you do or don’t have symptoms during menopause. It’s not just the hormones.

So naturally, that means there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, which is why I think (alongside acupuncture!) her book can be a great starting place when you’re looking for help with your symptoms.

Quote: It's not about your hormones.

I think of it as an easy-to-follow reference book.

You can read it cover to cover. Or, start with the opening chapters for some good background information on menopause, and then dive into the sections that are most relevant to you.

The book is divided into three sections – the first, as I mentioned, is the overview of menopause and explains the other possibilities of symptom triggers, beyond the hormones.

In the second section, she goes through her 10-Step INVINCIBLE plan.

Some of the items are going to sound at first like common sense or tips you might have heard before.

But even I (as a healthcare practitioner who also specializes in menopause) had aha moments and “I didn’t think of that” kind of reactions, so don’t skip over this section thinking you’ve heard it already.

I also love that she includes thoughts on the bigger picture like intuition and contribution, not just the physical symptoms you might be feeling.

Speaking of symptoms, the last section is broken down into 23 areas of concern during menopause – from hot flashes to digestion to headaches, etc. She talks about what’s going on in each area and then gives specific tips.

  • Did you know being able to balance on one leg helps improve your memory and cognition?
  • Did you know there are at least 12 different triggers for headaches?
  • Did you know there are pajamas designed for cooling off after sweating?

This will be a great book to hang onto for the next few (or ten!) years because you can keep referring back to it if you feel new symptoms appearing.

If you want more support in addition to her book, check out my self-care tips using acupressure and essential oils in my Menopause Made Easy video program.

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