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Just because a supplement says "natural" on the bottle doesn't mean that it's safe or the right one for your body?  If you have a laundry list of supplements that you bought at the store because someone said so on TV, but don't feel like they are helping, then it's a good time to come in for an herbal consultation.  We can refine your plan in a way that works for you to help you really feel better.

In your first visit, you and I will talk about your current symptoms and health history and discuss a treatment plan*.  At follow-up visits, we will check on progress changes and any new concerns, then modify your plan accordingly.  Feel free to share all health concerns, not just the main issue you are seeking treatment for.  You are not a bunch of separate body parts - you are one whole.  You might be surprised how taking care of particular issues can help clear up other problem areas as well.

An Affordable Approach to Health

New Patient**
Herbal Consultation

$110 / 1 Hour

Herbal Consultation

$75 / 30 Minutes

*Supplements are an additional charge.
**If you have already had a New Patient Herbal Consultation you do not need to do a separate New Patient Acupuncture visit if switching to acupuncture.  The health history and evaluation covers the same information for both treatment types.

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Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to Feel Better Now

Are You Feeling Anxious?

Here are 7 Easy Ideas to

Feel Better Now

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