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New Oils Open House 2017

New Oils Open House doTERRA just rolled out it's new oils for 2017.  We are having a casual class/open house...

Ditch the Chemicals: Household Cleaning with Essential Oils

Are you ready to ditch the toxic chemicals for your household cleaning? While it's true that there are some chemicals...

What do wispy cobwebs have to do with your health?

(Negative Self-Talk Part 1) This month's topic is a little departure from the typical symptoms and conditions that I normally...

How to get past sleep frustrations: N=1 experiment

Trouble with sleeping? No problem, all you have to do is just simply...... ..... are you waiting with baited breath...

Are you falling for these 3 IBS myths?

Every month I like to post my favorite book on the current topic. But here's the thing. I don't have...

Do you know why I’m thankful for IBS?

Let me set the scene: it was my early twenties - maybe 22 or 23. I was living in Chicago,...

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