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Colds and flus are not just a winter thing – in fact there’s really no such thing as a cold & flu season. Then why does it seem like there is? We are actually surrounded by germs all the time, but it’s when our immune system is run down that the viruses are allowed to sneak in and set up shop for a little while. How does it get run down?

  • We get less sunlight (a.k.a vitamin D)
  • We’re run ragged with our schedules and our stress level is high
  • We’re often choosing less nutritious foods
  • We’re tempted by leftover holiday treats full of sugar
  • We’re holding off on exercise until “later”
  • We’re losing some sleep trying to tackle huge to-do lists

No wonder then, right?

Wanting to see what other practitioners have to say about colds & flu, I read Dr. Carol Perkins book Cold and Flu: How to Prevent it or Get Rid of it FAST! Here are 5 things I loved about her book:

  1. Her explanation of how we get sick. Sneak peek: You don’t “catch” cancer, your body develops it. You don’t “catch” diabetes, your body develops it. So, you don’t “catch” a cold, your body develops it. (p.17) This is a GOOD thing because it gives you power back to do something about it rather than the helpless feel of something happening to you out of your control.
  2. Her 8 Laws of Health. (p.21) At first glance, they may sound like common sense, but are you applying all 8 to your life every day? If not, you might want to look and see what’s missing.
  3. Her secret additional ingredients to the standard chicken soup recipe that will help clear your sinuses naturally. (p.52) It works.
  4. Over 15 herbal tea ideas, like thyme, chamomile, and milk thistle. She goes over the why and how, as well as any cautions for each individual herb. (p.120)
  5. My favorite thing about this book is that all of her suggestions aren’t just about warding off colds & flu but will help you keep you healthy all year long.

Read Dr. Perkins book and then come up with one thing you could do today to give your immune system some love. What would that be? Go to bed early? Make some homemade vegetable soup? Say no to that obligation this weekend? For me today, I’m going to drink all of my water that I brought to work because I’ve been letting that slide this past week and the dry furnace air definitely makes me feel dehydrated. Try easy little things like this to give your immune system a boost every day.




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