Are you frustrated and stuck in your old habits?

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Frustrated. Stuck. Discouraged. Disappointed. Most everyone I know has something they want to change – get fit, lose weight, stick to a better budget… And most everyone knows how discouraging it feels when you start on a new plan only to have this great plan fall by the wayside in a few days, weeks, or months. What if there is a different way to go about it? A way that’s easier? What if you could change something that feels like a chore into an easy habit that you want to do?

Maria Brilaki’s book Surprisingly…Unstuck: The Power of Small Healthy Habits, In a World Addicted to Instant Results is a quick, easy-to-read insight into what exactly is going on when we are trying to make a change and it all falls apart.


She defines motivation and willpower and why they are NOT the solution.

She explains why trying harder is NOT the solution.

More importantly, she will show you the best way to start new habits by making them EASY and how to continue until they become second nature.

As a personal example, I first read this book at least two years ago. One goal I had was to add stretching every day. This is something I talk to my patients about all the time, but I felt conflicted about it because I didn’t always follow my own advice. Through her easy process, I was able to accomplish this goal, and for the past two years, it really has been second nature to me. Every day within the first half hour of waking, I do a stretch routine. Some days it’s only two minutes, some days ten, some days longer, but the time doesn’t matter. What matters is that I do it. Every day. On the rare occasions that I don’t stretch, I miss it and I’m right back to it the next day.

What do you want to get unstuck in your life?


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Are You Feeling Anxious?

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Are You Feeling Anxious?

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