Did the Law of Attraction fizzle out for you?

Law of attraction

Did the Law of Attraction fizzle out for you?

I’m so curious if anyone else had a similar experience with the Law of Attraction…

Go back to 2004. I was living in Chicago and was just getting into my formal study of acupuncture & qi which for me was all about learning new ways of looking at health and wellness. And absolutely hungry for other ways of looking at the world. The video release of “What the Bleep Do We Know?” came out. Mind. Blown.

Then a couple years later, along comes the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which describes the concept of Law of Attraction (LOA) – in short, “like attracts like.”

You draw to you the positive or negative experiences that are happening, so if you focus on the positive, you will draw more positive in your life.

I was enthralled. It was all we could talk about during breaks in between our acupuncture classes. It seemed to hold all the answers – I was so energized by the concept. I wanted to believe that it could be this easy. That all I was wanting would manifest after watching this movie.

I cut out vision pictures from magazines. I blamed myself if something went wrong and told myself I could fix it if I only thought better. I wished really, really hard for good things to happen.

Then, it sputtered, and fizzled, and landed up in the pile of other discarded ideas. Law of Attraction didn’t work for me.

Did you get swept up by The Secret too? Did it fizzle out for you too?

Fast forward to spring of 2017. During a phone call (yes I still talk on the phone!) with a dear friend of 20+ years – Jennifer Bailey, life coach extraordinaire – she mentioned how she got drawn back into reading about the Law of Attraction and how the practice of it is changing her life for the better.

Turns out The Secret movie was so completely watered down. Entire sections were deleted from the movie because the producers thought the omissions would make it more popular. So many missing pieces to the process. So on Jennifer’s recommendation, I started reading some of the source texts and my interest in LOA has been completely rekindled.

As anyone who has worked with me will know, I truly believe our thoughts and emotions are the biggest influence on our health and well-being.

These are some of the discussions I have with my patients:

  • All emotions come down to two: you either feel good or you feel bad.
    • Life is more enjoyable when you feel good more often than feel bad. (“well, yeah, duh,” you say. But I ask you – how often are you practicing feeling better vs staying in the comfort zone of discomfort?)
  • Notice the difference between how you feel AND how you feel about how you feel. The latter will often slow down your progress.  An example will help to understand this one…
    • Let’s say John feels pain in his knee from the surgery he just had. The feeling is pain and it will heal with time, rehab, and self-care. John is frustrated and cranky, snapping at everyone he meets, because he is angry that he has pain in his knee. This is how he feels about how he feels. This is what knocks him out of balance and can slow down his recovery time.
  • Does this [whatever “this” is at the moment] serve your highest good? Every thought, feeling, and action has only one of two outcomes – it either hurts you or it heals you. Stop doing what hurts you. Start doing what heals you.

Okay, so then HOW do you do this?

You find a way to get into what’s called “alignment.” A way to feel better. A way to enjoy the journey. Explore Law of Attraction again…

Much to my excitement, Jennifer started a podcast where she breaks LOA down into bite-size digestible, tangible pieces. If you were anything like me and really wanted to love the idea of Law of Attraction at first but felt disappointed later, I encourage you to check out her Love Your Life Podcast .  I’m a start-at-the-beginning kind of girl, so I started at episode 1, but feel free to jump around if you are drawn to a particular topic.

If podcasts aren’t your thing, you can also read her blog posts on the same site, check out her recommended reading lists, or pick up one of the books she has written like Love Your Life + Law of Attraction: Volume One.

Can you entertain the thought that maybe, just maybe, life is actually meant to be enjoyed?

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