Want to see which oils get to go with me?

Travelling with Essential OIls

Travelling with Essential OilsWant to see which oils get to go with me?

I take oils with me wherever I go.  Yesterday I was packing for a long weekend trip and thought I would show you my travelling doTERRA oils.  These might change per trip, but here are my go-to’s this time.

My zipper roller case holds 12 bottles of the 10mL size, so I packed…

  • Peppermint – good for tension or stomach upset or energy
  • Melaleuca – good for breakouts or little bites or knicks or sun
  • Frankincense – good for sleep.  I am not taking my Yarrow Pom which is what I use in my nightly moisturizer, so I’ll swap some Frank instead (easier to travel with because of the dropper top – see below)
  • Peace – just because I love the aroma. I might use it for any stress during travelling
  • Deep Blue – we plan to do a lot of walking, so this will be good for any achiness
  • Forgive – again just because I love the aroma.  Especially for quiet time – even on my trips I continue my twice daily 15 minute Ziva meditations.
  • Hope – love this one as a perfume
  • Amavi – this is for my husband so he can start using Amavi instead of Axe body spray.
  • And 4 homemade roller bottles – one sleep blend that uses Magnolia and a few other oils, and then 3 different homemade perfumes that I use depending on my mood.  I probably wouldn’t normally carry so many perfume types, but I had the room in the case.
  • Correct-X – a good first-aid gel to have on hand just in case.

Then I am taking my travel diffuser – it’s battery-operated and uses a felt pad so I don’t need to mess with water.  Although I do often take a water diffuser because hotel rooms can be a bit dry.

And in my purse I always have with me regular bottles of DigestZen (especially for travel!), Breathe (you never know if the hotel will be stuffy), Green Mandarin, and Citrus Bloom (my new favorite).

Travelling with Essential Oils

Tips for travelling with your essential oils

  • There are lots of cute travel carriers you can find that will keep bottles snug and prevent them from bumping up against each other.
  • Try to keep the bottles upright in your luggage or bag.  Obviously you’ll have more control over this when driving vs flying.
  • Make sure the lids are tight and secure.  The original bottles tend to do very well.  But I notice with my rollers for my homemade blends, every once in a while there is a cap that leaks a little, so it’s better to be prepared.
  • If you have any of the squeeze dropper tops on your bottle, you might want to switch back to the closed top.  I have had it happen where some oil snuck out of the seam of the dropper top.
  • And although I try to avoid using plastic baggies anymore, I do tend put my oils in a plastic baggie just in case.

If you don’t like to travel with your full-size bottles, it’s easy to make smaller sample-size bottles to take just a little bit with you.

Check out my essential oil supplies page for ideas.

Need oils?  My doTERRA shop is open 24/7.  Click here to find your wish list items.

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