Vanilla essential oil – one of my personal favorites

Vanilla bean pods


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doTERRA’s Vanilla Absolute

Vanilla is one of my all-time personal favorite aromas.

Often referred to as an essential oil, technically it is an absolute, which simply refers to how the essence is pulled from the plant source.

The harvesting of vanilla is fascinating. A climbing vine that can grow to 75 feet tall, the vanilla plant can only grow naturally in a few climates in the world.

The flowers must be hand-pollinated. It then takes three to four years to start producing bean pods which take about nine months to mature and must be harvested by hand.

Because it is so labor intensive, you can see why there are so many fake versions of vanilla.  It is one of the most adulterated and most artificially synthesized aromas and flavors.

doTERRA’s vanilla is real and pure.  It is combined with fractionated coconut oil because the extracted vanilla is a very thick substance that wouldn’t pour from a bottle unless it is thinned with the carrier oil.  And frankly, it makes it far more affordable as well.

If you are diffusing vanilla or making body care products or homemade candles, please use pure.  It matters.

If you love vanilla like I do, here is a free e-book on ways to use it.  It includes diffuser blends, personal aroma “pure-fume” recipes, and body care DIYs.  Enjoy!

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